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  • 15.5" NATIVITY
    • Set of 9 Multicolor
    • Made of Polyester
    • Measures 10.5"L X 4.25"W X 12"H; 7.5"L X 3"W X 3.5"H; 7.25"L X 3.25"W X 10.25"H; 7"L X 4"W X 9.25"H; 6.5"L X 6.5"W X 15"H; 6.5"L X 7"W X 10.5"H; 6.5"L X 6.5"W X 15.5"H; 6"L X 6.5"W X 15.
    • Catalog (Christmas 2024) on Page 30
    • Not Intended For Children
    • For Decorative Use Only
    • Artist: © BETSEY CAVALLO
    1. RAZ Exclusive
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    Theme: Tinsel Town

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